Freiburg: Our First Week in Photos

20130816-221916.jpg Martinstor – one of Freiburg’s two city gates. Forgive the poor placement of the woman dragging her child in the foreground.

20130816-221931.jpg Brian getting ready to enjoy a local beer – Freiburger. Surprisingly, it tastes just like all of the other pilsners we’ve had so far.

20130816-221942.jpg The Dreisam River right behind our apartment building. I could get used to this view.

20130816-222000.jpg Said apartment building. So pumped to finally have our own space! (We spent 2 nights in a hostel in Frankfurt and 6 in a hostel in Freiburg; while both were fine and dandy, it’s really quite exciting to shower in privacy.)

20130816-222012.jpg More Dreisam and some pretty apartment buildings.

20130816-222024.jpg Münster Cathedral in Münsterplatz. The greatest Farmer’s Market happens here on Saturdays (and on a smaller scale, every day but Sunday.)

20130816-222034.jpg Some delish raspberries we picked up from aforementioned Farmer’s Market.

20130816-222050.jpg Farmer’s Market in Münsterplatz.

20130816-222108.jpg ESPRESSO! I mean, um, espresso.

20130816-222123.jpg These are called the Bächle. These gutters are all around Freiburg and all are full of running water, fed by the Dreisam. Legend has it that if you fall into one of the Bächle, you’re going to marry a Freiburger. I think it’d be more accurate to say that if I fell into one, I’d break all of my bones.

20130816-222134.jpg This is just a super awesome part of the functioning tram track. Nature + technology, interacting. 🙂

20130816-222148.jpg Check out this view from the Biergarten about 5 minutes away from our apartment. And that big building that says Ganter on it? That’s the local brewery that’s about 30 seconds from our place. In fact, we could smell the hops yesterday while they were brewing!

20130816-222158.jpg More view of Freiburg and the Münster Cathedral from the Biergarten.

20130816-222206.jpg Ok, so we’ve had a lot of beer since we got here. 🙂

20130816-222219.jpg Just a typical walking/biking path by the Dreisam.

20130816-222228.jpg Herz-Jesu-Kirche (Kirche means church in German. I know, it’s like I’m a German pro or something.)

20130816-222247.jpg Our kitchen! Well, our “kitchen.” More deets to come on the apartment shortly. 🙂

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