Why Oven-Warm Bread Is Such A Treat


Straight from the oven!

Freshly baked bread is a big deal around here, and there are bakeries on nearly every corner.  For us, the brötchen (small rolls) provide an inexpensive and filling snack, and we’ve probably each eaten 20 or so of them in the two weeks that we’ve been in Germany.

There is a clear distinction to be made, however, between bread and warm bread (it’s that warm bread is better – this isn’t a tricky subject).  Time it right, and it’s yours right after it comes out of the oven.  Doing so is difficult though, because bread cools off fast.  In our many bakery visits, we’ve only been able to buy überfresh baked goods twice.

Warm bread is scarce, but can be counted on to be available at basically two different times of the day:

  1. 6am, when the bakeries first open; and
  2. 1pm, 6:30pm, 11am, 3:15pm, noon, or whenever else the baker decided that more bread was needed

It’s a crapshoot, really, and a shame they don’t let you touch the bread before you buy it (kidding).  Though I do wish they had Krispy-Kreme-style “Warm Bread” signs, so you know which bakery to visit.  Until that day, we’ll keep guessing!

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