Four Beverages To Try When Visiting Lisbon

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is known for lots of things: fado music, yellow street trams, and the historic Alfama district, to name few. But beyond seeing and doing, there are numerous Portuguese specialties for your taste buds. While visiting the city, we ate excellent seafood, stupid delicious pastel de natas, and numerous other local treats. But this post isn’t about food; it’s about drinking (though not just alcohol, I promise). Lisbon gives you plenty of opportunities to use, “we just don’t have that at home” as an excuse, so here are four beverages you really should try when you’re there:

Vinho VerdeVinho Verde

A light variety of wine native to Portugal, Vinho Verde is very slightly carbonated (though not enough to be considered a sparkling wine), and supposed to be consumed within one year of bottling. Even though it translates directly to “green wine”, it can be red, white, or rosé. We chose a white version at a local wine store, and brought it with us to the Moorish castle near the Alfama district. It turned out to be sweeter than most white wines, which we liked.

Where to get it: any wine shop will have Vinho Verde, but try to find a place with a view of the city or water when you drink it.

Super Bock
Super Bock Beer

Super Bock is a brand of Portuguese beer that actually originates outside of Porto, but it can be had in Lisbon; in fact, almost 90% of Portuguese restaurants and bars sell it. You might call it the Bud Light of Portugal, except that, you know, people like it. The Original is a pale lager, so it’s a bit darker and more flavorful than American big-brand lagers. We tried the stout, and found it to be more our speed.

Where to get it: almost anywhere, but I recommend Museu da Cerveja (Beer museum) on the main square, Praça do Comércio.


Ginjinha is a sour cherry flavored liqueur that you drink as a shot. We only saw a few places that sell it, though one was in Praça do Comérico, but you might have to do some looking around. Some drink it for its sweetness, but I’m guessing most drink it because, in Lisbon, it comes in a chocolate shot glass.

Where to get it: Ginginha do Carmo, a tiny hole-in-the-wall place where you get one free refill (remember not to eat your shot glass the first time).


Galão is a coffee drink from Portugal that is made with espresso and foam. It’s very similar to a café au lait, but comes in a tall glass, not a mug. It’s mostly milk (about 3/4), with a splash of coffee, just the way Erin likes it. Despite the long list of coffee drinks available, Galão was probably the most-ordered beverage at any of the cafés we went to.

Where to get it: any café, but Café A Brasileira is the most well-known in Lisbon.

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