Triberg Waterfalls

After a last-minute cancellation, Brian and I were unable to go to Milan this past weekend (I know, I know – first world problems). Instead of moping about the fact that we were not, at that very moment, gawking at the stupid prices of goods in Milan’s fashion district, we decided to take a day trip to Triberg!

Triberg (im Schwarzwald – in the Black Forest) is a small town about 60km (37 miles) northwest of Freiburg, and is famous for housing some of Germany’s tallest waterfalls. The tallest waterfall in Germany is actually the Röthbachfall on the Obersee Lake, but the Triberg waterfalls are more well-known and also much easier to access.

The waterfalls have a total vertical drop of 151m (496 feet) over seven different phases. There is really easy public access to each of the phases, with hiking paths and benches strategically plotted out to make it as easy as possible for anyone to enjoy the natural beauty.

We spent a few hours here, seemingly walking uphill the ENTIRE time, and seriously working our gluteus muscles. As an aside, I really don’t know how there is anyone who lives in Germany without a magnificently shaped bottom.

And, as an added bonus for the day, Triberg is on the Schwarzwald Bahn Line, which means that the entire train ride from Offenburg to Triberg is absolutely stunning. I could seriously ride the train around the Schwarzwald all day and not get bored!

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