Floors of the Hermitage

During our whirlwind, 12-hour tour of St. Petersburg, we spent about two and a half hours in the Hermitage, one of the world’s most famous museums, or so they tell me. To be completely honest, I’m not a museum person, preferring to be outside learning my way through any newly visited city. That, coupled with the fact that we were already two-thirds of the way through a marathon tour, meant that I needed something besides the museum’s art (which I’m sure is something special to behold, but you know, beauty is in the eye) to remain interested.

What I did notice was that each room in the Hermitage had a different floor pattern, so I made it a game to photograph as many as I could. Some were more interesting than others, but rather than tell you what I think (I did just imply that art doesn’t really do it for me), take a look at the gallery below, and tell me you wouldn’t rather look at some of these floors than yet another naked Roman statue.


So what do you think? Is the Hermitage’s art on its walls or its floors?

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