Biergarten Season!

As the weather warms up, the sidewalks become crowded with the tables and chairs of cafés hoping to entice customers with the opportunity to partake in the most European of activities – sitting outside whilst sipping a beverage. And though the countless cafés can be nice, I have a special place in my heart for the relaxing environment of the biergarten. In Freiburg, there are two that really stand out, and Erin and I are excited about spending the summer in them.


This is the best beirgarten I’ve been to, hands down, and it is my favorite place to have a drink in Freiburg. They serve big-name beer (Fürstenberg and Erdinger), which is the only downside, but you’ll forget what you’re drinking when you take a look at the view. Located about one-third of the way up the Schlossberg hill, the garden offers a view of the city on both sides. One can look at the historic city center, with it’s spires and city gates. Or, in the other direction, follow the valley with your eyes all the way up to the hills of the forest.


The Feierling Brewery has it’s own biergarten just across the street from its restaurant. They serve their own beer, some of the best in Baden, and there are plenty of trees to provide shade during the hot summer. Located in one of the quieter areas of Freiburg’s historic city center, the only noises contributing to the place’s atmosphere are those of children playing in a nearby park and adults enjoying their cold beverages.

So, how will you celebrate biergarten season?

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