New Year’s Eve In Freiburg

FireworksThis post is a little late, but I thought I’d share our recent New Year’s Eve experience in Freiburg, Germany.  We went to Schlossburg, a hill that overlooks the city, to celebrate.  Here is a list of the differences between New Year’s Eve in the US and New Year’s Eve in Germany, as I experienced it.

The Holiday Is Called…

U.S.: New Year’s Eve.

Germany: Silvester.

It Is Celebrated…

U.S.: Inside.  At a bar, club, or house party.

Germany: Outside.  Probably in the woods, on top of a hill or in the city center.

Fireworks Are Watched By…

U.S.: A few people at house parties, who are probably watching them on TV.  Otherwise, fireworks are saved for July 4th.

Germany: Everyone.

Fireworks Are Launched By…

U.S.:  The city, so that it’s regulated and safe.

Germany: Nearly everyone.  There are no rules, except that you must buy your fireworks at Aldi (or so it seems).

Fireworks Are Launched In This Direction…

U.S.: Up, of course.  How else will anyone see them?

Germany: Occasionally up.  But also acceptable are down, sideways, backwards, at other fireworks, at buildings, at people, or you can choose not to shoot them at all, but instead light them on fire.

Fireworks are Launched At This Time…

U.S.: Midnight.

Germany: When lighter meets fuse.  Whenever that may be.

Most People Drink…

U.S.: Champagne.

Germany: Champagne.

See! It’s basically the same!


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