A Weekend in Switzerland

You know how when people tell you about “the most beautiful place” they’ve ever been, you normally nod and smile and respond with “oh, wow, sounds amazing!” But really, you have no idea what they’re talking about nor how to possibly picture it in your head to be more beautiful than the most beautiful place YOU have ever seen.

Well, this post is going to be like that, so brace yourself.

We recently spent a long weekend in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, and I’ll go ahead and get to the punch line: every time you turn your head, there’s a new batch of snow-covered mountains towering over fields full of wild flowers with cows wearing bells peacefully gnawing away at the grass in the foreground.

The best I can come up with is that it was just stupid how beautiful it was. It truly belonged in a movie with all kinds of special effects and color enhancing capabilities, but no, this was real life.

I am so happy we were able to see this little village during our time here, despite having never heard about it before getting a recommendation from a friend. We spent 3 entire days hiking through the Swiss Alps and up waterfalls, biking around lakes that are the color of swimming pools, and taking more pictures than even I’m used to. I swear, I would take a new photo every five seconds, then as soon as I put my camera away to enjoy the view, the sun would reflect in a microscopically different way that would bring out the colors in yet another mountain range, so I’d swiftly take it out again and snap an ungodly number of photos.

In short, if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful little town (which is only 3 hours away from Freiburg), you should absolutely, positively, no questions asked, do it.

You can thank me later.

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Switzerland

  1. Switzerland is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Norway (but just as expensive!) The first picture looks amazing. I miss the mountains a lot!


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