If It Fizzes, It Must Be German


Is it beer? Is it Sprite? It’s both!

Germans sure do like to mix their beverages.

While I would get funny looks in the US if I asked for a mixture of pilsner beer and Sprite, that’s exactly what people often do here.  In fact, there is a name for it.

“Ein Radler, bitte!”

If you think that’s strange, check out some of these other mixtures, along with my review of the ones I’ve tried:

1. Weinschörle – red or white wine mixed with soda water.
2. Weizenradler – hefeweissen beer with Sprite.  Erin likes it, but it’s too sweet for me.
3. Colaweizen – hefeweissen beer and coca-cola, a terrible combination.
4 Apfelsaftschörle – apple juice and soda water.  Basically, carbonated apple juice, and it’s actually pretty good!
5. Orangensaftschörle – orange juice with soda water, and maybe you see the pattern here.

I’m not sure what it is with Germans and ensuring that everything they drink fizzes.  I think they’ve got a few good ideas, but there are some that should probably be retired.

Would you try any of these?

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