Misadventures of Ice Cream…Part 2

In an earlier post, I described my desire to try all of the world’s ice cream flavors, and how this got in the way of simply enjoying my favorite flavor, mint.  Well, it’s time for an update.

First of all, it turns out that I should not have been getting mint each time all along.  I don’t know if mint leaves are scarce in Europe or what, but each shop here serves really fake-tasting mint ice cream.  I do really like the following flavors, though, and recommend them for myself whenever I’m not feeling adventurous (or whenever the Gators lose) (again, how manly am I?):

  • Bitter Schokolade.  My favorite in Germany so far, it’s dark chocolate ice cream
  • Mokka.  You can probably guess this is mocha, and the coffee flavor is really strong
  • Any other flavor that is chocolate or vanilla or both

Unfortunately, me being who I am, I’ve continued to try all sorts of unique (read: disappointing) flavors.  In no particular order, stay away from these, unless otherwise noted:

  • Ali Babba.  Serious contender for worst flavor of all time, it’s basically rum cake, if you take out all the good-tasting parts.  So it’s not at all rum cake.
  • Brownies.  You would think I’ve learned from Cookies and Muffin to stay away from dry desserts, but I just can’t.
  • Baccio.  Hooray!  A good one! Chocolate, with nuts, and nothing else.
  • Mona Lisa. This one mixed vanilla (ice cream), orange (swirl), and chocolate (pieces) all into one flavor.  Not bad.  Not ordering it again, though.
  • Cinnamon Caramel. Tastes like something straight out of Starbucks’ pumpkin menu.  In other words, this one was a winner.

Overall, I’d say I’m doing a better job, don’t you think?

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