Misadventures of Ice Cream…Part 3

My quest to try all of Freiburg’s ice cream flavors has continued, and now even includes Belize, so I figured it was time for an update. When we last left off, I had determined that mint just doesn’t taste as good around Germany as it does back home, so I’ve left it alone. There have been, however, some unique varieties available:

  • Johgurt Açai. This one is basically a vanilla-yogurt flavored ice cream with acai berry flavor swirled in. I usually like these, but the yogurt was too tart for me.
  • Baileys. Well, really, how can you go wrong here?
  • Schoko-Chili. This new addition to a local scoop shop’s offerings is fantastic. Spicy chocolate!
  • Asian Shot. Yes, a flavor called Asian Shot. This was a fruity flavor, mixing guava and lime. I do question the asian-ness of ice cream flavored with two tropical fruits, but at the end of the day I only care how it tasted, and it was refreshing.
  • Energy. Energy is another word for Red Bull in Germany. On a positive note, this ice cream tasted exactly like Red Bull. But on a negative note, it tasted exactly like Red Bull.
  • Apfelstrudel. Of course they would have this somewhere in Germany, and of course, it tastes just like Apfelstrudel should.

It turns out that Belize also has something to contribute in the way of unique flavors. On our recent trip there with Erin’s family, I got to try two flavors I’d definitely never heard of before:

  • Craboo. This fruit native to Belize tasted closer to a strawberry than anything else I could think of.
  • Soursop. Indescribable. Sorry, no matter how long I think about it, I don’t know what to say about the flavor, other than it was good, but not great, and wasn’t too strange.

Spoiler alert: We’re in Nice now, and the French Riviera’s ice cream game is undefeated in global competition. There will definitely be part 4 to this series, and it will definitely be the weirdest yet.


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